A/C Troubleshooting

A/C Troubleshooting: On Your Own or With Stoudenmire’s Expert Technicians

As one of the top cooling and heating experts in the Columbia, SC area, Stoudenmire provides expert A/C troubleshooting in the event your system stops running properly. Our expert technicians are highly knowledgeable in all makes and models and use the most effective methods to troubleshoot your A/C problems. We will help you enjoy a cool home by quickly finding and fixing any issues your A/C may have.

We offer 24-hour, 7-days a week emergency service, and will come to you any hour of the day to troubleshoot and repair your A/C unit. However, if you wish to try troubleshooting yourself, here are the most common air conditioning problems and suggestions for fixing them.

Problem: A/C Turns On and Off

• Turn off the A/C unit and look for debris in the evaporator coil. Check to see that there is no debris clogging the fan.
• Check the air filter to see if it is dirty or clogged.
• Clear out any debris.
• Clean or change the dirty air filter. For best results, the air filter should be cleaned monthly.

Problem: Water Leak

• Check the electrical breaker and make sure it did not trip off.
• Check the compressor to make sure it did not turn off.
• Check the panel next to the compressor to see if it has shut down; it may need to be reset. If it is off, hit the reset button.

Problem: A/C Unit Will Not Turn On

• Check the drain hose or pipe to see if there is a blockage or a kink.
• If the hose or pipe is blocked or kinked, remove any debris and clear the line. You should clean the pipe or line out monthly to make sure the water flows freely to prevent future problems.
• Check the drain for holes.

Problem: Air Conditioner Unit is Not Blowing Cool Air

• Turn the A/C unit off and check the unit condenser coil to make sure it is not dirty.
• Check for debris that may be obstructing the feed line and clogging the system.
• Check the outside unit condenser cover for debris and remove any debris found on or around the unit.

Problem: Central Air Unit Is Leaking

• Inspect condensate pump for leaks in the hose line.
• Check that the condensate pump is secure in the outlet.
• Check the filter to see if it is dirty and clean it if needed.

Once you have completed these A/C troubleshooting tips, if you are still having problems, call the Stoudenmire expert technicians who will be gladly help you find and fix whatever is causing the problem.

Call 803-254-2710 or 1-800-616-4847 now for Stoudenmire’s prompt, professional service.